We help organizations reshape their business, so they can thrive in this day and age.


D&I was founded in 2010

With a fast changing world were technology and innovation is key, the usual way of running business is not working anymore. The pace at which the world is evolving is tremendous. The skills and techniques used to conduct business a decade ago are not serving their purpose anymore and are not helping to answer today’s complex business questions, and lets not talk about those of tomorrow and five years from now.

At D&I, we believe that new skills are needed in order to respond to today and tomorrow’s business questions. We believe that management should be reengineered in order to better suit the needs of the 21st century workforce, market, and environment. D&I is a changemaking firm that specializes in collaborative innovation utilizing strength based, inquiry driven approaches to engagement, strategy, business modeling and design.

We assist our partners in identifying new ways to serve and communicate with their audiences and support their people in discovering needs, behaviors and wants. We help to build value-based and creative cultures aimed at collaboration, as well as to design the systems needed to support whole systems change.


Our Philosophy


A commitment to culture and customers has helped us grow. Our passion for support, innovation and fullfillment flow through everything that we do.


The D&I Vision

Our vision at D&I is to build a better world by building better businesses that add value to the community they operate in.

In addition to this, we have a focus on building one of the most unique and fulfilling workplaces that exist, by rethinking a lot of traditional practices. 


D&I's Values

1. Customer Focus

  • We Under Promise and do all we can to Over Deliver
  • We show appreciation to our customers at all times for having their trust
  • We have our customers best interest in mind while making decisions

2. Employee Fulfillment

  • We trust our colleagues and give them the space to act, succeed and learn from mistakes
  • We look for smart, curious, capable people with skill, passion and integrity
  • We support everyone in their endeavors to grow and develop
  • We help everyone to achieve both individually and, more importantly, within our team

3. Honesty

  • We always say the truth, even if it hurts, but we are kind
  • We value respectful and encouraging feedback
  • We consciously choose to do what's right

4. Making A Difference

  • We have a positive impact on all individuals we come across
  • We strive to be as paperless as possible
  • We purchase green, organic, recyclable materials

5. Excellence 

  • We always look for a win-win situation
  • We do business with a personal touch
  • We find purpose & meaning in all that we do
  • We share responsibility for all our work

6. Fun

  • We celebrate all successes no matter how small
  • We make time to keep our team motivated