Organizations are struggling to keep up with the pace of change.


Decisions drag on for weeks or months. People are frustrated. We're overwhelmed by the complexity of our age. And the constant flow of meetings and email distracts us from the actual work. Our most important institutions are running on an operating system that was designed over 100 years ago for a world that no longer exists.

It's time for a change. But this is unlike anything you've ever contemplated before. This is not a mere reorganization. It doesn't end with an org chart. This is about your organization's way of working – its operating system...and its deeply encoded...

How to go about this?

At D&I we take you on a journey to help you and your team create the context, the space, the inspiration, and the path to a new way of working and organizing that unlocks a whole new level of performance. We do this by piloting a new operation system and inviting the organization to the change in successive waves.

What defines a journey with D&I?




to see challenges and opportunities from others' perspectives and understand what people truly need.



to accelerate understanding and alignment.



to give you the ability to see things differently, do things differently, and make a difference.



because people support what they help build.



to explore many possibilities to get to the breakthrough idea



to test new solutions early and often to increase the chance of marketplace success.


Our Approach


    We articulate a purpose to give meaning and coherence to the work you do. Then, we build a system around that purpose that enables people to change themselves, their organizations, and society from the inside, out.

  • Strategy Design

    Imagine and prototype what could be, don't just optimize what is. In building your strategy we help you envision a future worth fighting for, shape bold moves required to make it real, and enlist the changemakers who will lead the way.

  • Leadership Design

    Lead By Serving. We'll prepare you and your leadership team to drive change, by increasing the capability of each individual to bring their best selves forward – and lead into the unknown with optimisim, creativity, authenticity, and humanity.

  • Organization Design

    Design it for the future you're creating. Rather than add new tasks to old roles, we re-design roles and structures to be fit for purpose. We equip your people to work in new ways – grounded in the skills and behaviours required to deliver on your future vision.

  • Culture Design

    Don't forget culture – it holds the power to make or break a transformation. We help you codify and embed the unique values, behaviours, and rituals that make your organization thrive – creating a culture in which people feel motivated and empowerd to drive the business.

  • Offering Design

    Grow new businesses. We work with you to envision, prototype, and grow innovative businesses that help individuals transform. We'll do this side by side with your team, building their capabilities – or on your behalf, depending on what you need.

  • Movement Design

    Build Belief. Inspire Action. We create experiences that make a case for your vision and vividly bring it tl life – building belief, advocacy, and momentum among the people who matter to you (for example, your employees, customers, clients, partners).

Is there a challenge your organization or company needs help solving?