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Culture Change

Change doesn't necessarily mean something completely new, it's also something that just need some adjustments or improvements. Either it's transforming your culture or making some improvements, we are ready to take you on a journey so you can reach the desired culture for your organization.


We use the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT®) to measure and analyze cultures. The CTT® provides us with the instruments to make the invisible, visible through measuring the cultures based on values. CTT® is the world’s leading cultural diagnostic tool and is designed to support leaders in building high-performance, values-driven cultures that attract and keep talented people and increase staff engagement. CTT® consists of reports and assessment that provides insights on what motives and individual, the alignment of an individual and an organization, current culture and desired culture of an organization and how you can improve your leadership style.

A culture that you measure is a culture that you can manage

Cultural Transformation Tools


The Individual

Personal Values Assessment

The drive and motivation behind your actions and decisions is connected to you personal values. Your Personal values reflects what you hold dear to you and what's important to you. The PVA is a simple survey that takes just a few minutes of your time and provides a wealth of information about why you do what you do. 

Individual Values Assessment

The IVA deepens your understanding to what is important to you in your life and what are the areas you'll need to work on to find personal fulfillment in your organization. The IVA also gives you insight on how aligned you are with the values and culture of your organization.


The Organization

Cultural Values Assessment

The CVA is an simple survey that consists out of only three question which only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. The CVA provides you with insights of the personal motivations of the people within your organization, their experience within your organization, and also gives a direction of where the company should be heading.

CVA results can generate deep, meaningful conversations about the purpose, priorities and strategy of the organization and the well-being of all stakeholders.The CVA provides a road map for achieving high performance, full-spectrum resilience and sustainability


The Leaders

Leadership Values Assessment

Organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. Leaders grow and develop when they receive regular feedback. 

Do you know what others appreciate about you? Do you know what advice your boss, peers and subordinates can offer you to improve your leadership style? Do you know how you are contributing to the successes or problems within the organisation? Do you know your level of personal entropy?  The answers to all these questions are provided by our flagship coaching tool, the Leadership Values Assessment.

Let the Transformation Begin

It's time to create and foster the Desired Culture. Embark on the Transformation Journey of your Culture.

  • Conduct Values Assessment

    Together we wil setup your Cultural Values Asssessment. Usually this takes between 3 - 5 weeks before you have a report. During the preparation we will define and adjust the values list to be used, the demographic cuts you would like to see, and languages to be used. The assessment is done online via a website and takes approximately 15 minutes to answer. Within a week after the survey has closed you will get the report from us.

  • Share Results and Start Dialogue

    The values assessment results are just a start point for a conversation. Now you need to invest circle time to sit and open a real dialogue. Listen to ideas that all your employees have to improve the way you work together. Help them to solve their own problems and frustrations. Your cultural transformation starts right here, at this moment in this conversation. The way to listen and involve and build in trust into this conversation will lay the foundation to your desired culture.

  • Priotize Key Values or Choose Core Values

    If your organization or team does not have a set of core values, this could be good input to choose and define your core values that you want to become the foundation of your culture. If your core values are already defined then you have an opportunity to see if they are really being lived. It may be time to focus on some new values and behaviors to take your teamwork and performance to the next level, and/or to better align your culture with your strategy. The following steps will then be based on exploring, developing and living those values.

  • Create a Culture Development Plan

    Together with the leadership team we will co-create this plan. In this plan the path and the action that's necessary to reach the desired culture. The development plan will be the blueprint for the desired culture.

  • Live the values and grow the desired culture

    The values must be woven into the day to day decision making and behaviours. It is critical that leaders walk- the-talk and set an example for everyone else. This will show people that you are serious and create new levels of trust. Feedback is key! It reflects what you have your attention on and how you look at what is important to you. If team members are not living the values you must have the courage to challenge them and help bring them and their behaviors into the desired culture. As much as you constantly need to provide positive feedback, catching people doing things right! Don’t forget to celebrate along the way! It is recommended that you plan for a follow up within 6 to 18 months.


Our Insights 


Your Transformation is one decision and one appointment away. Ask us where to start!

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