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Bad culture: It’s costing you more than you think

Some might say that life’s too short for reading bad books, sitting in long meetings, and drinking bad wine (there are a million more examples that I could mention, but I’ll leave it at three so you won't say that life’s too short to read this blog post). If you asked us to fill in the blank for Life’s too short to… We would put “foster a bad culture.”

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Are we measuring what truly matters?

Lately, we Millennials have been asking ourselves some important questions: ‘What is the deciding factor when choosing a place to work?’ In my office, the most common answers are, ‘A place where I feel at home’ or, ‘A place where I can grow and be happy.’ These answers don’t mention money. Instead, they center on a healthy corporate culture. Why do my peers and I have different job expectations than previous generations? Is this a sign of some shift in generational attitudes? Are we approaching the first dawn of a new age?

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