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How to Deal with Millennials in the Workforce

In this ever-changing world, one thing that we don't realize that is changing and changing drastically is our workforce and especially our work culture and environment. Us, the younger generation (millennials) are taking over the workforce but for the managers and supervisors who mostly are in a higher position than us who are just stepping into the workplace it can be really hard to deal with us especially since we have different looks and perceptions of work and how to deal with work. But to better understand it all we must see it from both perspectives.

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The simplest ways to develop Big Picture thinking skills

If people understand the overall objective of their organization, and how their work fits into it, it helps them to do their job better. As a matter of fact, it might actually help them enjoy what they do. In a world where a focus on details and small things is imperative, how does one distinguish the trees without losing sight of the forest? Here are six tips to help you develop big picture thinking skills...

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