Lunch has never been so insightful

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Our latest concept to help reshaping businesses

Do you yearn to take your staff through brief but productive training sessions that would enrich their abilities but just can’t find the time within the company’s busy calendar and their tight schedules?

Well this new concept is the answer you've been searching for all this time. Lunch & Learn is like hitting two birds with one stone and that's what we call using your time effectively and efficiently.

You and your staff will learn something new or refresh your memory on some topics and also bond through sharing a meal with each other during these sessions.


Upgrade your lunch


Apart from the sumptuous meals, these simple but powerful workshops fit right into everyone’s schedule over the lunch hour, turning 1.5 to 2 hours of ordinary lunch breaks into training sessions that transform your staff’s outlook and performance. Our facilitators guide your staff through the sessions as they enjoy superb meals.

The great thing about this workshop is that it can be done at almost any location. Either it's at your office, our office, somewhere with a nice view or anywhere else that you suggest.

We explore many themes, just take a look at the list with some of the most requested themes. If the theme that you wanted to explore isn't on the list, no need to panic, contact us so that we can find a way to cater to your need. 


What you'll acquire


It's important to know what you'll gain during the lunch & learn.

The competence

Understand how to use your own skills, to get the must out of yourself. People often doubt how talented they are, we won't start from scratch, we will build on what you already have. Of course you'll gain new knowledge and new skills.

The tools

Other than understanding how to use your own skills, we'll provide you with the right set of tools and share the best practices. The tools you'll acquire will help to further develop yourself in the area that's being presented in the Lunch & Learn.

The building blocks for the right Attitude

Right skills and tools are more beneficial when you have the right attitude and mindset. During the lunch & learn we'll provide you with the building block so you can adopt the right attitude and mindset.

How you'll acquire it


For these types of workshops, we use our own unique method that we believe that will be more effective during the lunch & learn. Before we even start preparing for the lunch & learn, we will conduct a minor assessment of the type of participants that will be present during the workshop.

It's not our lunch and learn, the workshop is for your benefit. So with that in mind, we try to customize the workshop to best fit your needs.

The Lunch & Learn concept is designed to be 100% interactive, cause who wants a facilitator come and talk for 2 hours straight? Not you and especially not during your lunch break.


Satisfied Lunch & Learners

Learning can be just a lunch away. Get in touch to discuss the options