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TUI is an active player in the travel market in the Dutch Caribbean operating daily flights from the Dutch Caribbean to Amsterdam. TUI wanted to build its brand, its visibility and recognition in the Dutch Caribbean through, among others, launching a campaign at the beginning of 2017.

They were facing several challenges. Their reputation varied per island and even had a negative connotation in some places. People would choose to fly KLM if they could and there was a lack of trust from customers. Furthermore, the company just changed their name and this went unnoticed. All by all people lacked knowledge of the TUI brand and its services.

After conducting a baseline study, we design and rolled out a brand campaign that would help them increase brand awareness, recognition, and perception. It wasn’t all plain sailing, there were a couple of rough months in there but, we all stuck to the plan we knew would work and in the end, we’re all glad we did.

TUI is still a client and we’ve set new goals for the next 12 months which are going well. I asked Caroline Hartel to write a few words on the experience below.

A few words from Caroline Hartel: 

“Since TUI started to expand its external affairs and business development efforts on the former Antilles, D&I have been helpful to TUI and TUI Care Foundation in establishing both our commercial and corporate sustainable responsibility goals: to be relevant to the local community as a local employer and local company with focus on youth empowerment, education, and environmental issues. D&I sat on the board of the first Kids Counsel in the Caribbean (on Curacao), in which school children were encouraged to share their view on tourism, sustainability and the future of their island and themselves. 

D&I helped us develop a great branding campaign to build our presence and brand awareness in the Dutch Caribbean. After conducting a baseline study on our brand, they developed and rolled-out a campaign that positioned TUI as a local, friendly and caring travel brand in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. The results of a second study show significant increase in our brand awareness and recognition.

Together, we will further develop our strategies on both our commercial touristic goals, as well as the enhancement of education and recycling efforts in the tourism sectors of the islands in TUI’s Caribbean holiday portfolio." 

            -  Caroline Hartel  |  Business Development, External Affairs and Marketing


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